Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Wanna Meet Jonny Lee Miller, the hottie from the 90s film Hackers?

Well, I may not be able to get you him exactly, BUT I can probably get you somewhere close. On Facebook this morning I got the idea for this post from a very unlikely source, but that's neither here nor there. I also saw that my ex finally joined the dark side and got a Facebook account, Yuck. BUT that's also neither here nor there. What is HERE AND THERE is knitting machine hacking. "What?" you may ask? Yes, that's right. Knitting machine hacking!! I just felt like kind of a huge geek right there. seriously, who knew right? Some of you out there may be thinking, I don't even know what a knitting machine is/ how to use one/ where to get one. Allow me. A knitting machine is/ faster than hand knitting / user friendly / and readily available on Ebay. And if you're still scared I do offer lessons... Now that I've got those initial fears out of your way there is nothing left to say but CHECK THIS OUT:

Here are some more links that better describe how to do all this jazz via Craft Magazine.
Hacking Your Electronic Brother Knitting Machine Part 1
Hacking Your Electronic Brother Knitting Machine Part 2

So friends, grab your nearest hottie hacker, someone who can make sense of this the directions at this Wiki link (eek.) or here at the Brother Liberation Front and get to making your own knitted painterly masterpieces. Maybe you two will start the next (and hottest) knitting movement. 


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