Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I like to count alpacas instead of sheep...

I'm not sure why it's 5:19 am and I have yet to go to sleep. But as I lay here, surfing the internet, (read: spending way too much $$ I don't have on Etsy) and updating my website, facebook, and twitter, for the umpteenth time (who am I even talking to, everyone's asleep!), I contemplate the past week and think of where all this is headed to in the whole grand ol' scheme of things. My big dream is to one day own a working alpaca farm, knitwear label, and knitting school. It'll be like a knitting holiday retreat, where people can come and learn about knitting from the very beginning of the process, from shearing the wool off the animals to spinning to dyeing to knitting.

Well crap if someone isn't already doing this.
In my perusal of Etsy I came across this listing for a month in Hungary learning how to weave, knit, dye, be green, and just be generally friggin' AWESOME. All for $5000. Sounds pretty steep, but then again:

you get to:
-learn to spin wool AND MILK A COW!
-the price includes 3 meals a day including fresh baked bread, duck eggs, cow's milk, HOMEMADE CHEESE, fruits and veggies from their organic garden.
-learn how to identify and eat plants from the WILD!
-bring another person for the same price, so if you bring a friend it's $2,500 for all the above jazz.
and after all that:

*** After you pay for your stay with us we are happy to send some goodies from the farm such as herbs, spices and dry sourdough yeast, as a gift before your vacation with us!

Clearly these are the nicest people ever. And that's just the start.

So, who's with me? You can check it out at:

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