Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The life of a shameless knitter.

I went camping with my family.

My poor clan is no match for the knitting monster into which I inevitably transform.... even on the vacation I took AWAY from knitting. It's an illness. You would have thought that camping in the great woods of New Hampshire would ease me of my ailment. But, no. In fact, it is in situations like this very one that the beast is strongest.
Appointments? None.
Responsibilities? None.
Bathing? Optional.
And not much else to do but blissfully sit, and stoke the fire.... or not.
Jeeeeeezzzz... what is a textile Jezebel to do, I ask you???? oh ya, good thing I packed my portable WORK!!!! Hope my husband doesnt mind...
Canoeing? Nah.
Rope swing? Nah.
Hiking? Thats ok, I'll just sit here and knit.

This is a fingerless glove that I knit while neglecting my family. But, the problem with gloves, is that you have to make two and I was totally ready to move on after I finished it... but hopefully, when I go camping next year, I'll make the other one.

We had to go to the grocery store a few times, about 30 minutes away from our paradise in the woods. On the way back, we stumbled upon this unforgettable farm, and needless to say, my favorite part of the whole trip.
Charlotte and I often fantasize about owning and operating an Alpaca farm and retreat where we will host crazed wool fanatics, much like ourselves, and sheer, spin, knit, and weave ourselves silly... every day. And just think of the unrealized possibilities for side business! Could you imagine a better conversation starter??? This poo farm is the ticket. I really hope your all with me on this one.

Its not that I wasnt in the spirit of camping. I just had found such euphoria in the notion that I literally had all the time in the world to park my butt in that folding chair, and MAKE STUFF. And nothing satisfied me more than feeding that beast.

However, it was pointed out several times that I may be spending too much time with my yarn, and not quite enough time with my..... marshmallow.

Yes. That is a knitting needle.

Well, I guess I did spend a little time with my family after all. I taught my Mumsie to knit! See how happy she is?

And even though my hands were in a constant state of knit, purl, knit, purl, I was able to still enjoy the sound of tall trees, the crystal clear lake lapping at my toes, wood smoke, and the company I keep. As for the knitting beast? Well, she is curled away for now and patiently waiting for the next time I find myself on a relaxing vacation.

I will leave you now with the words of Charlotte,
"knit fast, die warm."


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  1. loved the post! can't wait to see the new shop & meet charlotte!