Tuesday, 19 July 2011

"Not to be like Me Me Me Me Me, but really, Me."

One day, in my junior year of college, a group of us were talking in our dorm when all of a sudden a girl who had been dominating our conversation said the above.

I will repeat for emphasis:
"Not to be like me me me me me, but really ME."

For some reason this has stuck in my head ever since. In an effort to NOT be like this nameless girl, we here at Union Textiles don't just want to talk about ourselves on this blog! We want to share with you things that we find out in the world, on the internet, things that people say, anything at all that you might think is cool or interesting!

First up is an awesome online retail shop that I discovered last week called Fabricly. The people behind the site scour the internet looking for hottie (stylistically speaking, not phenotypically) unknown fashion designers. Once found they give them the support they need to get a wee collection off the ground which they then feature on their site. It'd probably be better if I let them do the talking:

" Fabricly is here to hand-pick talented emerging designers and incredible existing lines, provide them with everything they need to execute a collection from start to finish (sample-making, sourcing, production, etc.), and then feature them in a tightly-curated collection of entirely exclusive goods for you to pick and shop from. "

Pretty awesome correct? Yes, you say. My favorite piece which is unfortunately sold out, is this hot little number:

nate and carly skirt

$142!! $142!! A steal for something so awesome. 

So anyway. Not to be all like me me me me me, but really me: we've emailed Fabricly in the hopes that they'll like how we do what we do and invite us to hang out with them. But in the meantime drop by the site for some great and reasonably priced finds.


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