Friday, 8 July 2011

Is Weaving Aerobically Effective? Charlotte Reports.

SO we've been remiss in the blog posting this week. After the celebration of the birth of of nation we've been getting revved up for this weekend's open studio extravaganza! Natalie, our event planner and personal assistant extraordinaire, has flown in especially from Charleston, South Carolina to lend her expertise and non ADD frazzled mind. Natalie actually has ADD, but somehow manages to lead a normal life, full of deadlines, checklists, goals, etc, unlike Cara and myself. We NEED someone of Natalie's caliber. You would be AMAZED what the three of us have accomplished today with her help! But we'll save those treats for Saturday night.

In the meantime, check out this action video of Cara in the process of making some fantastic wares to sell at the Sustainable Nantucket Farmers Market. If you're on island, it's really a great place to go every Saturday morning to meet and support local craft artists and also gardeners. AND!!! GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!

If you can guess approximately how many times Cara throws her shuttle (that wooden object she tosses back and forth), while making one alpaca scarf, you'll win one!

Cara's alpaca scarf on Etsy!

The person with the closest guess wins.


YES. Weaving IS aerobically effective.




  1. My guess is 1050 shuttle throws!

  2. It looks like maybe 560 to me :)

  3. Does she really count them? A good form of Meditation....I'd say 645. See you tonight! :)----<

  4. i'm going to venture about 1500......xo!

  5. O I wish I could be there. Hope you have a splendid open studio party.

    Wild stab in the dark at 825 throws.

    penelope (not really anonyomous, but wanting to be discrete)

  6. I'm gonna guess 475 ??!?!

  7. I'll guess 1250 throws-

    Not anonymously, Katherine

    Have a great 'open' tonight and I'll see you there!

  8. I got it!!!!!.......800?