Thursday, 23 June 2011

a new collaboration on nantucket island...

an introduction to union textiles:

cara at her loom
charlotte fixes her knitting on the machine

welcome to union textiles! We are a new textile collaboration that combines the talents of weaver cara deheart and knitwear designer charlotte hess. Both are alumna of Nantucket Looms, a local weaving institution started in the 1960s. We're based on nantucket island off cape cod, ma. if you find yourself on the island, stop by our open studio at 2 union st. we welcome curious passer-bys and visitor commissions! we will have set hours starting in July, but until then feel free to knock on the doors and see if we're in. in the meantime, check out my and cara's websites for more glimpses of our work!

Special thanks to the excessively talented Robert Krivicich and his wonderful partner in crime Shelly for taking lovely pics of our work and studio!



  1. Charlotte...
    what's your email address? I need to order that black sweater I tried on during the wine festival. I'm so in love with the white one - I can't wait for the weather to be cooler so I can wear it. Non stop compliments!
    Hope you're having a great summer.

    Michele - the wine glass robber and cheese server :)

    1. michele, I tried emailing that address but it came back to me. you can reach me at